Monday, 8 May 2017

3 Minimalist Videos To Watch

Hello everybody!
Minimalism is not only about just having few things. You don't need to only own
20 items if you do not want to. But it is the idea of all the things that you own should
spark a joy and make you happy. You should only own the things you want.
I am fairly new to this lifestyle/journey which started by going bananas and
clearing out my clutter one evening and now I also really think about what I really
want before I buy things. But enough about me, if you are interested in a clearer
and lighter mind and surroundings then check out these amazing videos.
(and don't let the 'minimalism' word scare you. Minimalism is not just one way
but can be applied to your life the way you want it to so yes you can still have
stuff in your house/room)

Annie Tarasova's video is a perfect introduction to minimalism. She talks about
what it is, why some people are interested in the lifestyle and how you do it. And
overall just have some amazing thoughts one the subject. Definitely a must watch.

Madeleine Olivia has the perfect playlist for a minimalist beginner. I love how she is so
real with the struggle of getting rid of stuff. Here she shares 5 tips for any minimalist
beginners and they are life changing.
She is also a perfect example of a non-traditional minimalist where you only
have a very few items and everything is marble - because she used to be a shopaholic
and she still own a lot of things. But it is things she likes and things that makes her

Minimalism is not just about throwing stuff out but also stop buying (random) things
you do not need. It is all about mindful shopping and really considering before buying.
You will save so much money, space and you will learn what you really want and need.

I also just want to shoutout MuchelleB because her videos are amazing and her simplify
your life challenge is a life changer. It is perfect to declutter and organizing not only
your house/room but also your goals, feelings and priorities.

Love from Cami

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