Friday, 11 August 2017

5 Healthy Everyday Habits

Heey everybody!
I am not here to tell you how you should live your life - you do you. You can read
this and throw it out, I don't really care but these 5 things are just a few small
things that have improved my everyday life. I would love to hear small things
you do to improve your everyday life down in the comments.

Drink lemon water
The first thing I drink in the morning is a cup of hot water with lemon. It is so
good and will boost your energy for the day. It cleanses my system, hydrates my
body and better my digestion. Just make sure it is organic and you are good to go.

Get some fresh air in your room
When you wake up open your windows for about 10 minutes to start the day with
some fresh air. If you want to then also do this before you go to bed for a good
sleeping environment. Cleaner air gives a cleaner mind.

Take a mental break every day
It can be two minutes. It can be five mintures or it can be an hour. But giving
yourself a break does wonders to your mental health. Sit or lay back, close your
eyes and take some deep breaths. You can do it after you wake up to start the day.
You can do it during the day when things get a bit too busy or at the end of the
day to relax. Or more times a day. It is absolutely amazing - even if it is just two

Write down a couple of things you are greateful for
I does not have to be huge things. It can be small things like you ate your favorite
food or you read a good book. Writing down things you are greatful for will help
you appreciate and notice the small things in life.

No phone, tv or computer at least half an hour before bed
You have probably heard this before. No computer, phone or tv before bed. If
you have troubles sleeping this will definitely work. Maybe not the first couple
of nights but trust me, you will have a better sleep.
Instead you can read a book or write down three good things that happened during
the day. Or the things you are greatful for.

Love from Cami

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