My Favorite Youtubers

Youtube is one of the biggest time consumers in my life. Not even kidding. I love 
it, haha. I watch a lot of different youtubers who talk about different topics. I love 
to DIY (obviously) and have already done 3 DIY vloggers to watch right now 
which are also some favorites of mine + a post about my top 5 vegan food 
youtubers who have amazing recipes. Also faves. 
This is going to focus more on the entertainment and they make me laugh. So much.
But there are also a two channels where I learn a lot.

To me, Rose is one of the funniest people and I absolutely love her humor. She 
makes videos with her, also very funny, wife, Rosie, where they talk just about 
anything really. But also a lot about the LGBTQ+ community, which I really like. 

I absolutely love this super dramatic girl. She is the queen of over reacting and 
because of this and weird shit happening to her all the time she has juicy storytimes. 
I am not that into storytimes but she is just a great storyteller and whenever I see
a new video from her I drop everything.

Hailey Reese
I absolutely love paranormal. So when I found her channel I was all in! I love
her haunted house series and it is so incredible how she has experienced so
much paranormal activity in her life. Her storytimes are a must watch!

Her humor is everything. She is just a one of a kind. I actually found her by another
youtuber mentioning her, I cannot remember who, but boy am I glad she did.
She makes the funniest videos but there are also some where you can learn stuff..
like what not to do, haha. But she is great.

Hannah Witton
Her drunk advice series is one of my absolute favorites to watch. She makes videos
about sex, relationship and other stuff. I absolutely love her videos and I nearly
forgot, her Hormone Diaries series! Maybe even better than the drunk advice series
because it is just so interesting. The pill. No period for 7 years. Going off the pill.
What happens?? Her channel is just yaaas queen.

Muchelle B
I have talked about Muchelle B in a minimalist post but here she is again. Because
she has the absolute best advice on self-discovery, minimalism and general life
tips. With titles as 'How to get motivated + Get things done' and '20 ways to treat
yourself without money' she is definitely a must watch!

Who are some of your favorite youtubers?

Love from Cami


  1. I am loving some DIY channels at the moment. I dont make anything but I love watching!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥