Upcycled T-Shirt | Iron On Patches

I am just all for upcycling. In any way you can. I love the ideas, I love the
process and I love finishing a product. I love wearing a product. I was going to
throw this to a thrift store but I really like the color and the white edges. It was
just a bit too.. plain. So why not do something to it? There are endless
possibilities. My mom just happened to find these roses and I absolutely love the
red and the blue together.
There is not really much of a DIY because well.. all you gotta do it iron them on
but it is still a new life to an old T-shirt!

Love from Cami


  1. The result Looks amazing,
    to be honest I never tried Patches on a t-Shirt (only on pants).
    But I definetly have to try it. Thank you for this inspiring DIY.

    take a look at my BLOG and also INSTAGRAM

    1. Thank you so much! I hadn't either before I tried it for this T-shirt ;))