5 Small Minimalistic Changes

If you can do something. Just a small tiny change then why wouldn't you? Because
 that small change can save lives. These are just some of the small changes I have made,
some of them I have always done. And if you want to go all out and clear your clutter

Use tote bags
Out with the plastic and in with the tote bags! Easy to throw in a bag and have ready 
for when it is needed. Also just a bit.. actually much cuter than plastic bags. At least
that's what I think. And I think the planet agrees. 

Save glass jars for storage
I use glass jars in my creative storage but you can also use it in the kitchen to store
 nuts, seeds, pasta, anything really. Use then in your beauty space to store cotton swabs,
cotton pads, bobby pins or again, anything really. You can also use then as vases like I 
did in the DIYs right here: Polka dot vase, bow vase, yarn vase

Thrift as much as you can
Thrifting, reusing and upcycling is something I am very passionate about. Everything
 besides my bed is basically thrifted and I love it. You can find the most amazing and
unique things at thrift stores. Not only do you save a ton of money but you also help
the planet. Here are some helpful thrifting tips

Give to thrift stores
Unless it is ruined or very very used I give it to thrift stores. Books, clothes, decorative
 items, everything. Also those glass jars can be thrifted. Why not let another person
have the benefit instead of throwing it out?

Borrow books from the library
I have since I was little always borrowed books from the library. The I started buying
 books at the thrift store. Then I started buying books as new. Now I threw out (to the
thrift store) over 100 books and have only a handful favorites. 

Love from Cami


  1. Sikke et dejligt indlæg! God idé med glassene: jeg har en masse til at stå :D


    1. Tusind tak! Dejligt at du kan bruge tipsene :)

  2. I always use tote bags! Love the ideas of the jars!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I love how organised you are. They way you have arranged everything in glass jars looks great :D