Upcycle: From T-shirt to Frame

So, I don't really have pictures of the process when I made this but it is pretty easy to do. It was more to show that anything you find can be turned into a cool picture frame even if it's fabric. T-shirts, table cloths, or just scrap fabric pieces. 
Cut the fabric a bit bigger than the glass and cut it out. Put the glass into the frame, then the fabric and lastly secure it with the back piece of the frame. This is easiest to do with fabric that doesn't roll up. Otherwise pretty much any fabric can be used as long as the frame is deep enough so both the glass, the fabric and the back can fit into it. 
It would look super cool if you found a large piece of patterned fabric and but it up to fit smaller, different looking frames and hung them in a gallery effect. I just happened to find this super cool quote on a T-shirt that I didn't mind not wearing and turned it into a frame:

Love from Cami