Recipes: Christmas Snacks

I think that snacking and food is a bit part of Christmas. This is the time where people let themselves eat whatever they want which is most definitely not the best for them. So why not make something you can eat and eat which tastes just as amazing (if not more) and is better for your body. A healthy treat does most certainly not have to be boring. If you want to see more amazing treats that are easy to make then check out my ebook right here.

These are some of my all time favorite bombs. If you put a bit of orange zest or the juice of an orange then these will definitely taste like the danish 'havregryndskugle' which is just amazing and so christmasy. This is definitely a must try!

Chocolate truffles
Chocolate here, chocolate there, chocolate everywhere. Yes, it really is and these are the ultimate treat and oh so delicious! These I guarantee will be gone quicker than they were made (which is guick) and you can make then however chocolaty you want. 

Salted almonds
Are you more of a salty kind a person then these are perfect! For me, these are a perfect movie snack because they give me the popcorn vibes with the saltyness. I'm definitely snuggling up with a Christmas movie and snacking on these!

Apple cinnamon bliss bites 
These I just recently shared but I think they deserve to be shared once more because they are absolutely amazing. To me these are the perfect Christmas snack because well, cinnamon and apples are winter essentials. It's just not a winter without them so why not combine them? 

Love from Cami