Thrifted Treasures // Interior Design Ideas

Hey there and welcome to Thrifted Treasures. This is where I share a couple of interior design ideas you can easily recreate from going to the thrift stores + a quick guide on how to recreate it. Hopefully you get some inspiration for your next decor project. And if you want to see more then just click right here and it will take you to more posts in this series. 

Create a cool setting with lots of different candlesticks in different heights and sizes for a unique look. Easy to customize to your room design and go for candlesticks that has the same vibe for cohesion. For example, for a romantic look go for flowery and detailed candlesticks and go for more minimal and less detailed candlesticks for the minimalistic look (and maybe not so many).  Easy to find at the thrift store and usually super inexpensive. Picture source: Pinterest.

A super cool and modern take on old paintings which are super easy to find a thrift stores. I think if I did this the paint wouldn't go so high so you could see more of the painting but this also look super cool. Another thing that would look cool if you dont want to paint on the painting is to only do this too the frame in a color that compliment the painting. Picture source: Pinterest

This is such a beautiful statement piece and thrift stores have several pot plants and some of them even also sell them with plants in them. Pure win-win. But this is so easy to recreate with a branch from outside, yarn and pot plants from the thrift store. There are plenty of ways to make the yarn design around the plant so just search the internet for a tutorial and you are good to go.. or use you imagination. Picture source: Pinterest

Love from Cami