Welcome to my about page! Here I will elegantly (or something) try to tell you stuff 
about me but mostly about this 4 and ½ year old little space on the internet I like 
to call my blog under the name 'CamiCreative'
And yes if you are thinking 'Didn't this blog used to be Si Se Puede?' Then yes
you are right. I decided to change it!

Why should you read my blog you might ask?
Well, to that I have a very short answer: because you want to... (I hope)
This blog is dedicated to the creative souls out there and even the non creative 
souls because there is no such thing. Everybody is creative. Yes, it is true. 
If you love making things yourself this is a blog for you because this is a DIY-blog 
with a big D... oh, already big.. DIY's there will be but I also love books, movies 
and tv-series so that will also find a way out of my brain and down in some posts.

Do I talk about myself now or...?
If you have read the little text I have about myself on my home page then you
will already know that my name is Camilla but I am just called Cami or Milla.
I am a danish 19-year-old girl who loves to be creative and DIY everything. 
Based in Denmark with a passion for expressing creativity. Other than Danish 
and English I speak (basic) German and (basic) Spanish so I guess you can tell 
that I love languages... 
I love taking pictures of whatever catches my eyes (and camera) so by combining 
(some of) my passions: DIY and photographing this happend.. A DIY blog.

I hope to see you stick around so press that 'Join this sight' botton and become
a 'doityourselfer'! It really means the world to me and please leave a link 
to your blog in the comments. 

I welcome you to my world of creativity 

Love from Cami