This little space on the internet is for you who loves to be creative. And by creative I mean creative in every way. With clothes and things but also in the kitchen. I want to show you that it is so easy and fun to create things yourself. Sometimes it’s just about small changes, like removing the sleeves or adding flowers.

If you love making things yourself, being inspired and creating delicious (vegan) recipes then this is the place for you.  Because this blog is all about doing it yourself with thrift treasures and upcycling tips. And not only that but this blog is also filled with easy to make vegan recipes and some minimalism here and there.

Hello there, I am Camilla Julius, but call me Cami. This is my little creative corner on the internet that started in 2012. Shit.. that’s like, a long time ago. But it was something I wanted to start for a long time. So, why not just do it? 

And this is what I love to do! I love to be creative in any way I can. I love the process of being creative. From the inspiration, to the idea, to the plan. It is so exciting to find out if your plan works or if it was a failure.. or if it just needs a little bit more planning. Because trust me, there has been some failures over the years. But hey, that’s just a learning experience.  

But why DIY?
Why not just go to a store and buy what you want and then that’s it? Well.. DIYing is so much more fun and often so much more inexpensive. What you see in the stores for a ton of money you can make yourself with just a few.
Another cool thing about DIYing is that you choose how it is going to end up. You choose the colors, the patterns and the shapes. YOU choose everything. Putting your own spin on it makes is so much more special and you have something nobody else has. Make it fit you and your personality. 

The key word here is ‘creativity’

Welcome to my world of creativity. Want to be a part of it?

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Love from Cami